Asparagus Soup



2 bunches fresh asparagus (approx. 1½ lbs.)
2 medium size onions – slivered
2 tablespoons olive oil
¾ Cup Orzo or Pastina Pasta
1¼ cups crushed tomatoes
6 cups water
Salt & Pepper to taste


Cut about 1½ inches off the bottom of the asparagus and discard. Wash the asparagus, then cut it into pieces about 1½ inches in length then set aside. In a saucepan or deep skillet, brown the onions in the olive oil until they are beginning to soften, then add the asparagus and allow them to cook together for about two minutes, then add the water. Bring it to a slow boil and allow it to cook for about 5 to 7 minutes, then add the pasta and the salt and pepper. Cook the soup for about 5 minutes more then add the crushed tomatoes and cook until the pasta is soft.

Serve the Asparagus Soup with Kuhn’s Italian Bread from the bakery. Add a salad and it makes a great lunch or a light dinner.